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- We are a company with principles -

It is impossible to separate Love AOVE from its values. These permeate absolutely everything we do and develop. For us it does not make sense to be a company that does not have its own strong principles and that defends them. Our great values are: sustainability, commitment, responsibility, innovation, quality and design.

01. Sustainability

The planet is in danger and companies have a responsibility to protect it. For this reason, our products are always designed with respect for the environment focusing on favoring a circular economy.

02. Commitment

Companies must generate wealth not only for shareholders, but also for their environment to improve people’s lives.

03. Responsibility

With a society that gives us everything. That is why we firmly believe in Corporate Civil Responsibility (CSR). This leads us to design actions that help return to the neediest people, part of what society reports to us.

04. Innovation

In an increasingly competitive environment, innovation allows us to generate added value that makes us different and unique.

05. Quality

One of our values is sustainability. Quality is closely linked to it since it allows our products to remain over time, whether they are material or from experiences that manage to remain in the memory of customers.

06. Design

We would not be able to understand our products without design, that is why we pay attention to it  on it and it is present in everything we do.