Pack of extra virgin olive oils with the Jaén Selección 2021 award


For the most foody people, we also have the Premium box of Jaén Selección olive oils, a limited edition that leaves no one indifferent.

Every year, the Diputación de Jaén awards the best extra virgin olive oils from the harvest. In this edition, this box contains 8 bottles of 500 ml of extra virgin olive oil, EVOO, early harvest, among which are: Bañón Early Harvest, Oro de Cánava Early Harvest Selection, Hacienda La Laguna Early Harvest, November, Picualia Reserva and Ecological Mergaoliva. All are monovarietals of the picual olive variety.

For the most exclusive, we also have the Premium box of Jaén Selección olive oils, a limited edition that leaves no one indifferent.

This pack contains a 500 ml bottle of each of the awarded oils

Bañón Early Harvest

Producer: Comercializadora Bañón, s.l. Origin: Veracruz – Úbeda (Jaén)

Extra virgin olive oil of aromatic intensity with fruit and vegetable notes, mainly banana, almond, green leaves, fresh grass, tomato, and with touches of artichoke and red fruits.

In the mouth, its fruity aromas stand out, appreciating a slight bitterness finish in tune with the slight final itch.

It is a very balanced oil, ideal for dressings, bread dressing, and other raw consumption. It is also perfect for frying and baking, especially with fruits and chocolate.

Hacienda La Laguna Early Harvest

Producer: Cortijo La Labor, s.l. Origin: Puente del Obispo – Baeza (Jaén)

Picual monovarietal of intense green color.

Intense fruity of green olives with herbaceous aromas, of fresh green fruits such as apple, banana and light touches of pineapple, pear, grape and olive leaf characteristic of the variety, well integrated like the rest.

On the palate, the entry is smooth, silky, fruity and green notes appear in the middle of the palate.

With a slight bitterness and an elegant intense spicy finish, it presents great harmony and persistence.


Producer: Finca las Manillas, s.l. Origin: Arquillos (Jaén)

Intense fruity of green olives, of great olfactory complexity between fruity and herbaceous notes: green apple, banana peel and almond, in perfect harmony with the aromas of artichoke, tomato and hints of citrus.

On the palate it is delicate and elegant at the entrance and follows the same olfactory path, from the fruity tones, followed by herbaceous and well integrated with the bitter and spicy, which are light.

Balanced and very harmonious. Almond aftertaste.

Olibaeza Patrimonio Dorado Premium

Producer: S.C.A. from Campo El Alcázar Origin: Baeza (Jaén)

Intense fruity of green olives, highlighting the green aromas of fresh grass and vegetables, tomato, pepper and artichoke along with more fruity tones, green banana and almond. Spicy touch.

On the palate it is delicate on entry, recalling the same olfactory tones and the same complexity. The bitter is light and very well integrated, at the end, a slight itch reminds us of cloves and black pepper. Very balanced and harmonious.

Almond aftertaste.

Picualia Reserve

Producer: Agrícola de Bailén Virgen de Zocueca S. Coop. Origin: Jódar (Jaén)

Intense fruity oil in green tone.

In its aroma, green almond, tomato plant, aromatic herbs and herbaceous notes converge in their select balance, nuanced by artichoke and walnut with a spicy climax.

Extremely soft at the beginning in the mouth, it captures its bitterness of light intensity and surprises its progressive spiciness reminiscent of white pepper.

With a pronounced aftertaste, aromatic herbs and raw nuts are the predominant records in the mouth. His profile is described in three words: lively, elegant and complex.

Oro de Bailén Family Reserve

Producer: Aceites Oro Bailén Galgón 99, s.l.u. Origin: Villanueva de la Reina (Jaén)

Bright, luminous green color, with intense fruity of fresh olives and of great complexity of herbaceous and fruity aromas, highlighting the green banana, almond and green tomato.

On the palate it is voluminous and well structured, highly expressive, sweet and slightly spicy.

It is a balanced and elegant oil both on the nose and on the palate.

Almond aftertaste.

Oro de Cánava Early Harvest Selection

Producer: S.C.A. Our Lady of Remedies Origin: Jimena (Jaén)

The oil has a medium green olive fruitiness with a very slight bitterness, practically imperceptible and a more intense spiciness. Its olfactory-gustatory notes are reminiscent of the green of freshly cut grass with slight touches of olive leaf. There are the green banana peel, the tomato plant, the green almond and small touches of nuts.

Upon entry into the mouth, it leaves a sweet sensation, balanced with all the sensory notes described. It is complex in nuances and harmonious as a whole, highlighting the minty green notes that mark a true fresh fruit juice and just obtained.

Ecological Mergaoliva

Producer: Oleohiguera, s.l. Origin: Lahiguera (Jaén)

Well structured, harmonious and persistent picual monovarietal.



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