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About us

More than love for extra virgin olive oil

About us
More than love for extra virgin olive oil

We are convinced of the great potential of olive oil and everything that surrounds it. That it is possible to create a new world around this gastronomic gem, its cultivation, its history and its environment.

mision Love Aove productos aceite


A modern world based on care and respect for the environment, developing products through a commitment to design and innovation, but always with sustainability criteria. Our company wants to show the consumer a new image of olive oil and everything that surrounds it. A modern and fresh image. To do this, we will design new products for AOVE lovers and invite new oleotourism experiences that bring us closer to the reality of a wonderful product and a unique cultural and natural environment. A gift for a lover of this product

We are fully aware that the olive oil sector and what it represents, among which culture, nature or health stands out, is attracting more people who want to know it. A new experience to be known oleotourism. An unstoppable change is taking place in the sector. Our goal is to be co-protagonists of this change and to occupy opportunities thanks to work based on innovation.

mision Love Aove productos aceite


With products as diverse as tasting utensils, oleotourism experiences or everyday items inspired by olive oil and its environment, such as fashion, accessories or household items, our company develops products that meet customer demand who confess in love with olive oil, its culture, its traditions and its environment. Our mission is to satisfy this demand thanks to careful design and innovation when developing all our products. A gift for lovers of AOVE.


It is impossible to separate Love AOVE from its values. These permeate absolutely everything we do and develop. For us it does not make sense to have a company that does not have its own principles and that defends them. Our great values are: sustainability, commitment, responsibility, innovation, quality and design.

01. Sustainability

The planet is in danger and companies have a responsibility in this. For this reason, our products are always designed with respect for the environment in mind and favoring a circular economy.

02. Commitment

Companies must generate wealth not only for shareholders, but also for their environment to improve people’s lives.

03. Responsibility

With a society that gives us everything. That is why we firmly believe in Corporate Civil Responsibility (CSR). This leads us to design actions that help return to the neediest people, part of what society reports to us.

04. Innovation

In an increasingly competitive environment, innovation allows us to generate added value that makes us different and unique.

05. Quality

One of our values is sustainability. Quality is closely linked to it since it allows our products to remain over time, whether they are material or from experiences that manage to remain in the memory of customers.

06. Design

We would not be able to understand our products without design, that is why we pay attention to it  on it and it is present in everything we do.


With a multidisciplinary team, our company has employees and collaborators that allow us to develop all areas of the company in order to offer the customer the most cared for products. We work very well with the development and innovation processes for which we apply the most modern management models. The team is the people and, for us, the people are the most important thing, therefore, we try to jointly draw a new future, with projection and of which we can all feel proud.